20th MDSS: Did You Know campaign

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Melissa R. Meister
  • 20th Medical Support Squadron

Did you know the 20th Medical Support Squadron is made up of six flights which provide diverse services to the 20th Medical Group’s approximately 340 staff members and 31,000 beneficiaries?

The six flights are as follows: diagnostics and therapeutics (laboratory, pharmacy and radiology), medical information systems, medical logistics, medical readiness, resource management office, and TRICARE operations and administration.

Our services include drawing blood, dispensing medications, taking x-rays, providing information technology support, ordering supplies, coordinating readiness training, managing human resources and preparing health record copies.

- Did you know you need to call TRICARE at 800-444-5445 to transfer your enrollment if you are moving to, or recently moved to, a new base?

You can also call them to discuss any questions you have about bills you receive from TRICARE.

- Did you know you can access your authorizations by logging onto www.humanamilitary.com? You will need to set up an account to access the authorizations.

- Did you know you need to call the network provider listed on your referral in order to schedule your appointment?

- Did you know the 20th MDG laboratory processes 100,000 lab tests each year?

If you are told to fast for your lab test, then know that you can still drink water and take prescribed medications. Fasting means not having anything to eat or drink (except water) for usually 12 hours before blood is collected.

Some common tests which may require fasting are Fasting Blood Glucose, Lipid Profile, Basic Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel.

- Did you know the 20th MDG Main and Base Exchange pharmacies dispense more than 221,000 prescriptions each year, or that, on average, the BX Pharmacy completes 353 medication refills each day?

The pharmacy Airmen are committed to delivering the correct medications to you to ensure zero harm to you and the rest of the 20th MDG’s beneficiaries.

We are constantly reviewing our operations to implement innovative measures to improve the efficiency and quality of care we provide to our customers.

For example, a new bagging system was recently installed at the BX Pharmacy to reduce pick up time by 90%.

This new system lights up the right bag allowing the pharmacy staff to quickly locate it for the right customer, eliminating the need for the pharmacy staff to look through multiple bins and bags for medications.

You have multiple options if you want to decrease or even eliminate your time waiting in a line, especially for refills at the BX Pharmacy.

- You can call ahead to activate a faxed or electronic prescription by calling 803-895-2273, selecting “option 3” (pharmacy), then “option 4” (activate a prescription). Please note that a provider sending a prescription to the Pharmacy does not automatically activate the prescription.

- You can utilize the drop box service at the BX Pharmacy.

- You can pick up your refills from the ScriptCenter, an automated kiosk located inside the BX’s main doors. The ScriptCenter is accessible during the BX’s business hours. For your refills to be loaded into the ScriptCenter, call the refill line at 803-895-6678 and select “option 1.” Please note that refrigerated items cannot be stored or picked up from the ScriptCenter.

- You can have your medications mailed directly to your home through Express Scripts. For more information about this TRICARE Home Delivery Pharmacy Program, visit www.express-scripts.com/TRICARE.

Interested in volunteering at the BX Pharmacy? It is a great opportunity to experience the massive operation that occurs behind the scenes while helping us serve the medical needs of the 20th MDG’s beneficiaries. You can apply at www.redcross.org.

- Did you know the 20th MDG has a new way for you to give constructive feedback?

You can take a quick electronic survey on one of the five patient experience kiosks located throughout the 20th MDG to let us know how your visit went.

Thank you for your continued support of the 20th MDSS!