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  • Emergency management, BEE conduct ‘rad’ training

    The 20th Civil Engineer Squadron emergency management flight and the 20th Aerospace Medicine Squadron bioenvironmental engineering flight conducted joint radiological training, Aug. 29.
  • Instructors aim to qualify Airmen

    Beads of sweat run down an Airman’s face as they drop an M9 pistol magazine and insert in another, working as quickly as possible in a dimly lit arena. While the sound of gunshots echo off concrete walls, the air hangs heavy around a line of strangers who move in near synchronization — exhale, confirm sights are on target, pull the trigger.
  • Salty Weasel prepares EOD Airmen

    The team stepped off the UH-60 Black Hawk under the blazing South Carolina sun. Their gear had been tested, their muscles fatigued, but with grins on their faces the 20th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal teams triumphantly returned to Shaw.
  • Firefighters keep training current

    Sweat drips down their faces in the 90 degree, humid, South Carolina weather as they carry hundreds of pounds of equipment on their backs while training to save lives. Team Shaw’s 20th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighters perform intensive training in order to stay proficient on procedures and ensure they are physically fit for the job.
  • It flies in the family

    An Air Force major walks down the flight line of Canon Air Force Base, New Mexico, making his way toward his F-16CJ Fighting Falcon, aircraft 90830. As he climbs into the cockpit of the jet affectionately known as the Viper, he mentally prepares himself for the mission ahead.
  • 20th MDG exercises in combat environment

    Boom! With rain on the horizon and fog filling the air, 20th Medical Group Airmen rush to provide care to simulated patients through their deployed patient care exercise, Aug 2.
  • EOD: always fit to fight

    Surrounded by the sound of clinking metal and upbeat music, a group of Airmen work to exhaustion as the sun begins to rise.
  • Pilots get SEREious

    As an F-16CM Fighting Falcon pilot, the possibility of ejection from the jet in case of an emergency could happen at any time, which is why pilots must keep up to date on their survival, evasion, rescue and escape training in order to stay mission ready at all times.
  • Gamblers 'Double Down' on combat readiness

    Fresh off a combat deployment to Afghanistan, the 77th Fighter Squadron is not skipping a beat in preparing for the next fight.
  • Shaw Airman wins Hennessey Award and TDY

    The Hennessy Travelers Association presents their Award of Excellence to Airmen who demonstrate outstanding food service across the Air Force annually.