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  • 20th FW, 72nd ARS team up to stay sharp

    An F-16 Fighting Falcon cannot fly around the world on one tank of fuel. When the mission demands keeping the jets in the air, pilots can refuel with one of the Air Force’s gas stations in the sky.

  • Shaw Weasels play to remember four chaplains

    On a cold February morning in 1943, 150 miles from the coast of Greenland, a German submarine U2 shot a barrage of torpedoes, striking and sinking the U.S. Army Transport Dorchester and sending 902 service members, merchant seamen and civilian workers into the frigid water.

  • Greetings, Weasel Nation!

    Shortly after I took command of the 20th Fighter Wing, I watched our Viper demo team perform. As Maj. John “Rain” Waters rolled the F-16 Fighting Falcon into a tight 9Gs turn, the deep rumble of the mighty GE-129 engine shook my chest and I thought to myself – I AM HOME!

  • 20th FW welcomes new commander

    Members of Team Shaw and the local community gathered for a 20th Fighter Wing change of command ceremony at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, June 8.

  • Sizzlin’ summer safety

    As summer approaches and families spend time traveling for beach vacations or barbeques, they also face unique safety concerns.